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        I believe in community over competition

        There have been several times in my career when I felt like I could not get a straight answer from anyone about anything...

        Business is hard. Being a photographer & self-employed (although it's the best job in the whole universe) comes with its unique set of challenges that can make "giving up" sound pretty appealing.

        There is so much to talk about... writing out a business plan, learning your equipment, paying taxes, emails, budgeting, learning light, creating a workflow, discovering & owning your style, staying consistent, posing, creating a comfortable atmosphere for your clients, getting real and authentic reactions (and did I mention dreadful taxes?)

        "Whether you're a newbie or seasoned pro, these mentoring sessions are for you. There is nothing off limits."

        Mentoring Sessions




        Skype Session or Local Meet Up

        With coffee (or tea) in hand...

        we will start off with Q&A; nothing is off limits! Then we will be off to do a styled shoot where I'll show you everything I know. After our shoot, we will grab some food & edit together using whatever editing software you’d like so that you get to apply what you've learned & ask any extra questions you may have! We will end the day with a portfolio critique and probably some ice cream. These sessions are $1,800 and will take place in or around Wenham, MA and last about 6 hours. Additional time add-ons are an option.

        These sessions are...

        designed for talking about anything and everything. We can cover business talk, editing, pricing, equipment, lighting, booking clients, workflow, getting clients comfortable, marketing and social media, SEO, blogging, etc. Or maybe you're a hobbyist who is interested in learning more! These sessions are $600 and last for 2 hours, but additional time add-ons are an option.